Emmerdale's Mark Jordon begs bosses to let him return after assault charges dropped

13 August 2019, 14:57

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The actor appeared on Good Morning Britain today and spoke out about the 'worst year of his life'.

Former Emmerdale actor Mark Jordon has revealed all about his year of torment after being accused of beating up a pensioner in a pub.

The 54-year-old was cleared of assault earlier this month after he was accused by Andrew Potts, 68, of the crime but was found not guilty by self-defence.

Mark smiles with partner Laura Norton after being cleared of assault earlier this month
Mark smiles with partner Laura Norton after being cleared of assault earlier this month. Picture: PA

It all spurred from Andrew calling Mark's daughter a "slag", and the actor has said the ordeal "turned my world upside down".

He has pleaded for show bosses to let him back on the show as his name is now cleared, and he admits he's relieved that his character wasn't written out of the show permanently.

Mark, who played Daz Spencer on the soap, last appeared on it in January this year and wants to get back to his acting career.

He explained he used to “shout in his sleep” and he had hives because he was so stressed during the week long trial and described his relief when he was found not guilty.

His fiancée and Emmerdale co-star Laura Norton wept as the verdict was called and Jordon today opened up about his year from hell.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he said he was labelled a villain and aggressive and struggled to deal with the hordes of abuse he received on social media.

He explained: “Oh my goodness, it was a long year.

“It was a year where you see social media as is the way at the moment, everybody labelling you something you weren’t.

“And because of your quiet dignity you’re not allowed to fight back or make a comment."

The actor looked pleased leaving court
The actor looked pleased leaving court. Picture: PA

He continued: “To get the 12 beautiful people to see the facts and say ‘not guilty’ was just a massive relief.

“It was the weirdest time of my life, as a very old man at 54, to reach that age and suddenly realise that the year had turned itself upside down."

“I might be very boring but I do have a reputation of being a good character and a nice bloke.

“And to suddenly be labelled something that is quite villainous and aggressive and all these statements which are being made about you, it just turns your world upside down.

"It sounds like a little violin moment – but what I’m trying to say is the stress accumulates and it comes out in ways that you don’t know.”

Jordon was celebrating his engagement in an Oldham pub when the incident took place on July 1, 2018.

In a police interview, the actor said Andrew Potts and his partner called his young daughter, 18, a "slag" outside the Farrars Arms.

He elaborated in the interview that Mr Potts had threatened he had a video of his daughter that he would post on YouTube.

After being held back, Jordon bit Andrew and was arrested after. He ended up spending his whole wedding fund on legal fees but calls it a blessing as he "gained an education".

Andrew Potts and his partner outside the court during trial
Andrew Potts and his partner outside the court during trial. Picture: PA

Mark went on: "The people around, you always take for granted and you accept the love that you’ve got, but this year has been incredible to find out who will stand beside you.

“Laura and I’s relationship is stronger than it’s ever been and to have friends and colleagues that commit to coming to court, to be there all the way through, it’s been an eye-opener. I’m very lucky."

On the show’s decision to write him out temporarily, he said: “It was left open thank goodness.

“That building used to be part of where I filmed Heartbeat where I filmed shows before that when I was a nobody. I love that building so much, yes the opportunity to possibly go back is something I’m holding dear to.”