Jules Robinson says Ines Bašić has 'changed a lot' since Married At First Sight Australia

5 March 2021, 14:25

Jules Merchant has opened up about Ines Basic
Jules Merchant has opened up about Ines Basic. Picture: Instagram/Channel Nine

Jules and Cameron are now good friends with their Married at First Sight Australia co-star Ines Basic.

**Warning Married at First Sight Australia season six spoilers below**

Married at First Sight Australia fans will know Ines Basic caused a whole load of drama during the sixth season when she embarked on an ‘affair’ with Sam Ball.

But while she didn’t exactly make a lot of friends during her time on the show, now co-star Jules Robinson has praised Ines and said they ‘get on pretty well now’.

Speaking during a new an interview with The Times, Jules and MAFS husband Cameron Merchant said that Ines has changed a lot.

Ines Basic was on Married at First Sight in 2019
Ines Basic was on Married at First Sight in 2019. Picture: Channel Nine

"You know what? Ines is actually really great," new mum Jules said.

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She went on to hit back at rumours Ines and Sam’s affair was orchestrated by producers, continuing: “I'm not saying that. I was never asked to do anything that wasn't real and I don't really think you can create a character that isn't there... But Ines has changed a lot."

"I think she really liked Sam, and nothing was going to get in the way and, yeah, she went about it in a pretty awful way, but we all do silly things in life and unfortunately she just did hers in front of millions of people.

Jules added: "She's put her hands up since then and been accountable for her actions. We get along pretty well now."

Since the cameras stopped rolling two years ago, Jules and Cameron have also stayed close to Heidi Latcham.

Heidi was even a bridesmaid at the couples’ real wedding that happened in 2019.

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Unfortunately, despite Jules promising Melissa Lucarelli she would also get a spot in the wedding party, these two haven’t remained friends.

Melissa claims Jules dumped her from being a bridesmaid right before the big day after a string of disagreements.

Speaking on The Kyle and Jackie O radio show, 39-year-old Melissa said: "We'd be talking about the bridesmaids plans, but because they were doing it so secretively, I had to email [Jules] and her management to check dates."

Melissa then said Jules called her to tell her she was no longer going to be a bridesmaid because they had barely seen each other.

Jules later spoke out on the claims herself, telling Channel 9's Today programme ‘it just didn’t feel right’ to have Melissa alongside her.

She explained: "When it got to the time, I just felt that it wasn't... it didn't feel right.

"We hadn't really seen each other and I just really wanted my close friends to be there, to be by my side, and my best friends. So that was my decision."

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