Married at First Sight Australia season 6: Where is Sam Ball now?

11 January 2021, 15:21

Sam Ball was matched with Elizabeth Sobinoff on MAFS
Sam Ball was matched with Elizabeth Sobinoff on MAFS. Picture: Instagram/Nine

Is Sam Ball from MAFS single and what happened to him after the show? Here's what we know...

**Warning Married at First Sight Australia season 6 spoilers below**

We can’t be the only ones who are already addicted to season six of Married at First Sight Australia?

After the success of seasons four and five over the summer, now E4 is airing the social experiment from 2019.

And viewers will have already been introduced to Sam Ball, who was paired with Elizabeth Sobinoff at the start of the show.

But what happened to him when the camera stopped rolling? Here’s what we know…

Where is Sam Ball from Married at First Sight Australia now?

It’s no surprise that Sam and Lizzie didn’t work out, and they split just a few weeks after leaving the show together.

At the time, Sam was accused of having an affair with their MAFS co-star Ines Basic, but he later said this was ‘set up’ by producers.

He also caused drama during filming when he controversially left Lizzie on their honeymoon to attend the funeral of his ex-girlfriend's mother.

After a rough time on the show, Sam described filming for MAFS as ‘a living hell’.

He went on to go under the radar and quit social media for six months, before setting up a new Instagram last year and showing off his brand new look.

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Sam currently lives in Canberra and Daily Mail Australia reported he joined the army and has now graduated from the Kapooka Army Recruit Training program.

He now has 63k Instagram followers and often shares fitness photos with them.

The reality star has also opened up about his mental health, admitting ‘everything came crumbling down’ after he appeared on MAFS.

“Once the show happened and all the poor choices on my form... Everything came crumbling down,” he told WHO back in June.

Sam was paired with Lizzie on Married at First Sight Australia
Sam was paired with Lizzie on Married at First Sight Australia. Picture: Nine

He continued: “My family got into my head and said, ‘You need to see someone.’

“That's when he got professional help.

“I was having days I couldn’t get up and train. I’ve never been in that position where I literally couldn’t function – I just couldn’t figure out how.”

Does Married at First Sight Australia’s Sam have a girlfriend?

It is unknown whether Sam is currently single, but he hasn’t shared any couples photos on his social media pages.

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