All the evidence that proves Married at First Sight UK isn't scripted

17 September 2021, 11:33

Some MAFS UK fans have accused the show of being fake
Some MAFS UK fans have accused the show of being fake. Picture: Channel 4

Is MAFS UK scripted and is the Channel 4 show fake? Here's what we know...

Married at First Sight UK is back on our screens and it is more dramatic than ever before.

The new format sees the couples sit down for a dinner party every week to catch up with their co-stars.

Taking inspiration from the Australian version of the show, a commitment ceremony also sees the contestants chat to the experts about their relationships.

Adam Aveling has denied MAFS UK is fake
Adam Aveling has denied MAFS UK is fake. Picture: Instagram

But after contestant Nikita was kicked off the show, and Alexis and Ant re-joined as a new couple, some viewers have accused MAFS of being scripted.

Is Married at First Sight UK fake?

Channel 4 described the show as an ‘unscripted’ reality show, which means it isn’t set up.

Current contestant Adam Aveling - who is matched with Tayah Victoria - recently defended the series after one follower said it must be scripted.

Commenting on a recent photo of Adam and Tayah, the fan wrote: “I would say that was an awkward moment last night but the more I watch the more I feel it’s scripted and set up for added drama 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m sure you two will go the distance ❤️”

To which Adam replied: “Trust me nothing is set up, everything emotion is real!”

MAFS UK stars have said the show is real
MAFS UK stars have said the show is real. Picture: Instagram

A former star of the show called Emma Rathbone, who appeared in the first season, previously revealed that she didn’t even realise the process would be on TV.

Speaking during a This Morning interview in 2015, she said: “I didn’t know it would be televised.

“Ideally, I would’ve liked this without the TV. I would’ve liked to have been matched. We’ve been doing this for 18 months.”

While the emotions are all real, the marriages themselves are not actually legally binding.

Unlike the US version of the series, the couples aren’t actually married but are simply making a promise to each other during the wedding episodes.

This means if they split after filming, there are no legal fees or divorce proceedings.