Married at First Sight UK rich list: Amy Christophers is set to earn thousands after the show

21 September 2021, 15:32 | Updated: 22 September 2021, 12:25

Here's how much the MAFS UK cast could earn
Here's how much the MAFS UK cast could earn. Picture: Instagram/Channel 4

Who will earn the most after Married at First Sight UK? Here's what we know about the contestant's salaries...

Married at First Sight UK is well and truly bringing the drama this year, with dumpings, partner swapping and some almighty arguments.

But while the couples are yet to give away any details about what has happened since the cameras stopped rolling, we can imagine they’re going to become huge reality stars.

And now a new study has revealed some of the cast could earn more than £100K a year just through sponsored Instagram posts alone.

Amy Christophers is set to earn the most from MAFS UK
Amy Christophers is set to earn the most from MAFS UK. Picture: Instagram

The data found by Casumo predicts that Amy Christopher will make the most money after leaving the show, reportedly making £181.3K.

This is down to the sports journalist building up a massive 118k followers on Instagram.

Next up, her partner Josh Christie could earn an equally impressive £106.7K a year thanks to his 67.9K, according to the research.

Nikita Jasmine was kicked out of the show during the first week of the show after a fierce row with Jordon Mundell. But it’s not all bad news for the star as she could pocket £63.3K from social media posts.

Meanwhile, Alexis Economou could make £33.7K while her partner Ant Poole is set to make a similar £31K.

Back on the show, things got very tense at the most recent dinner party when Morag Crichton threatened to quit the show altogether.

The vet said she was ‘overwhelmed’ when Luke publicly declared he was falling in love with her.

She told the girls: “I won’t lie, this week is the first week I have considered whether I want to stay or I want to leave.”

Morag then admitted to the camera: “I was very overwhelmed. I didn’t expect it to go from zero to 100 that quickly when I am just not there yet.

“It’s made me question whether to leave because I am so scared that I’ll just break his heart.”

Meanwhile, Luke admitted: “‘‘I do love Morag, but it’s hard.

“You don’t get it back. I lay my heart on the line but I can’t help but think she’s questioning our relationship again.”