Face coverings to become mandatory on Welsh public transport

13 July 2020, 12:49 | Updated: 13 July 2020, 13:05

Welsh dragon wearing face mask
Welsh dragon wearing face mask. Picture: Global

Wales' First Minister has announced changes to the rules which will take effect by the end of the month.

At the Welsh Government's daily Coronavirus briefing, Mark Drakeford confirmed that a three-layer face covering will be mandatory on public transport from July 27th.

He said that this will allow consistency with England, where the public transport network regularly crosses over the border.

The rules will apply to buses and trains and those driving or travelling in taxis.

The First Minister said the decision was being taken now as more people were beginning to use public transport in getting back to work and travelling around since the "stay local" rules had been removed.

When asked if he'd been seen in public wearing a face covering, he said that he'd be wearing one the next time he took a bus in Canton in Cardiff, where he lives.

Will there be fines for those not wearing them?

The First Minister said there would be an "enforcement regime" to be announced in coming days. He said this was part of the reason for waiting for two weeks before bringing in the rules.

He said it should not necessarily be the responsibility of the drivers and other transport staff to enforce the rules and that they would outline who will police this.

Cardiff central station
Cardiff central station. Picture: Getty

Will face-coverings be required anywhere else in Wales?

The First Minister said that there were currently no plans to introduce mandatory face coverings in shops or other public spaces.

He admitted this advice may change if there is a rise in the number of cases of Coronavirus.

However, he said it was "advisory" to wear a face covering in any crowded place or where 2 metre social distancing is not possible but that this decision was ultimately up to citizens.