Peterborough MP told her jail term stands

25 February 2019, 14:25

Fiona Onasanya leaves court Dec 18

The MP Fiona Onasanya has been told her 3-month jail sentence will remain as it is despite calls it may have been too short.

The 35 year-old was expelled from the Labour party after being jailed last month (January 2019) for perverting the course of justice, over a speeding fine in Thorney in 2017.

The Attorney General's office has confirmed the sentencing was NOT too lenient - as the judge had not made a gross error - or imposed a lighter sentence than could be expected.


The Attorney General’s Office say they've rejected Fiona Onasanya's appeal.

“After careful consideration the Solicitor General has concluded that he could not refer this case to the Court of Appeal.

A referral under the Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme to the Court of Appeal can only be made if a sentence is not just lenient but unduly so, such that the sentencing judge made a gross error or imposed a sentence outside the range of sentences reasonably available in the circumstances of the offence.

The threshold is a high one, and the test was not met in this case.”