400 child sex offences recorded in East Anglia

6 August 2019, 07:25 | Updated: 6 August 2019, 07:28

police notepad

Almost 400 sexual offences against children have been recorded by police in Norfolk and Suffolk in the past year.

The figures have been published by the NSPCC as it relaunches its Talk PANTS campaign, which helps parents talk to young children about staying safe from sexual abuse.

Sarah Lambley, a Community Fundraising manager for the NSPCC in Norfolk, told Heart it's vital to educate children about the dangers.

"Every single statistic is a child - it's a victim of sexual abuse," she said.

"And therefore, it's absolutely vital that we teach children, through things like the NSPCC's underwear rule, to keep safe.

"Always remember that your body belongs to you, no means no, talk about secrets that upset you, and speak up and tell someone if something's happening to you."