Domestic abuse victims speak out in Norfolk

15 April 2019, 07:36 | Updated: 15 April 2019, 07:38

Domestic abuse

Two brothers whose mother and sister were murdered by their father in 2016 are in Norwich later to help raise awareness of domestic abuse.

Luke and Ryan Hart will also attend events in King's Lynn and Great Yarmouth to discuss coercion and control.

They are fully-booked and around 680 attendees will be taking part.

Luke and Ryan's abusive dad killed their mother and sister in a car park in Lincolnshire, before taking his own life too.

"After the murders of mum and Charlotte, we realised that there were two options available to Ryan and I," Luke told Heart.

"One was to remain silent - and really we'd always remain silent under our father - he didn't let us have a voice.

"And the other was to speak out about what had happened.

"We don't want the abusers and the fear of abuse to silence anyone."