It's time to have a say on Great Yarmouth's new Water and Leisure Complex

6 March 2019, 16:48 | Updated: 6 March 2019, 16:53

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Plans for the new Water and Leisure Complex in Great Yarmouth are open for public consultation.

The once-in-a-generation centre will go in the same spot as the current Marina Centre and is aimed at bringing locals and tourists to the seafront all year round.
Public consulations have opened so that residents are able to have their say over the next two weeks.
The plans are for a two storey complex that utilises the space and allows room for 200 additional parking spaces to be added outside.
Great Yarmouth Council are hoping it will be an investment into the Golden Mile that will benefit the community for the next 40 years.
Project Manager, Michelle Burdett told Heart what the changes will mean:
"A glazed building optimising the visibility of both sides of the building, so at the moment it's a fairly closed structure. We want to make sure you can access both the front and the rear and one side you have a cafe and one side you havea reception, it's aopen for all.
Being cost effective and using the space more and in a more optimum way so although it may look like it's a shrunken building, actually we're optimising two floors and we're making sure that the space and facilities are completely usuable in the space that we've got."
They'll be new additions to the centre if the plans are agreed with a walkway through the centre of the building to the beach, a cafe and an external terrace upstairs for yoga at sunrise.