Norfolk school introduces a breakfast club to help students with exams

13 May 2019, 15:43 | Updated: 13 May 2019, 15:46

Full English Breakfast

A school in Norfolk is helping students through their exams with a new breakfast club.

Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston is setting it's pupils up for their exams with a full english from today (13th May) with the help of local businesses.
Students will get to eat breakfast with their teachers, so they can ask any last minute questions or discuss topics with friends to relax before heading into the exam hall.
The ingredients for breakfast have been donated from local businesses to make sure that the pupils can get a hot meal each day during their exam period.
Head Girl, Grace Molenaar told Heart:
"I think it's so lovely that the school offers that extra bit of support for us all. I think a lot of students may not have that grounding breakfast with a family, it's so nice that the school is offering that for us."
Tom Johnson, who is Head Boy at the school told Heart it's a good way for students to de-stress in the morning:
"You can't predict someones social situation at home and providing that support in such a stressful period for students who might not be coping at home, but providing the pastoral care that helps you succeed in these periods of exams is really important."
The Broken Egg farm shop, Waveney food bank, Waveney Valley IFA, the East of Engand Co-op and Pepperell's Meats are all helping to supply the school with food.