Seals Shot Dead In Walton Backwaters

16 January 2019, 16:15 | Updated: 16 January 2019, 16:19


A 3000 pound reward is being offered for information that leads to the prosecution of anyone involved in the shooting of two possibly pregnant seals at Walton Backwaters.

Sea Shepherd UK say they believe the animals were killed on the 6th or 7th of this month by local fishermen or anglers.

Robert Read, Chief Operating Officer for Sea Shepherd UK, told Heart: "The Conservation of Seals Act 1970 protects common seals during their breeding season, although seals causing damage to fishing gear or taking fish from nets may be killed under licence. However this is not the case at Walton.

"Sea Shepherd UK Eastern Region Co-ordinator and one of our senior volunteers have already been to Walton to gather evidence and photographs and to speak to local members of the public.

"Hopefully the publicity around the shooting of these seals will put an end to it, however if more seals are shot in the area then Sea Shepherd UK will consider deploying crew to watch over the seals and catch those responsible."