Council clears abandoned MK bus

29 May 2019, 11:29 | Updated: 29 May 2019, 11:33

Abandoned bus in Milton Keynes

An abandoned bus has been one of a number of vehicles which has been cleared off the streets of Milton Keynes - and owners fined nearly £7000 in total.

MK Council's Environmental Crime Unit have been responded to ditched vehicles - and the owner of the untaxed double-decker has to pay nearly £3000 alone for it.


The work of MK Council’s Environmental Crime Unit has recently seen four people found guilty of abandoning vehicles in Milton Keynes – resulting in fines and costs of nearly £7,000 between them.

Following thorough investigation by MKC officers, Stuart Atkinson, George Raus, David King and Callum Black have all been found guilty at MK Magistrates’ Court of leaving vehicles abandoned.

Mr Atkinson, of Greenleys, was found guilty after failing to engage with enquires regarding an abandoned and untaxed double decker bus in Greenleys.  He was fined £1,100, ordered to pay £685 removal costs and £965 in legal fees.

Raus, of Aylesbury, was found guilty after he left his Renault van abandoned in Wolverton.  He was fined £1,100 and ordered to cover MKC’s costs of over £1,000.

King and Black, of Beanhill and Newport Pagnell respectively, were both found guilty of leaving cars abandoned.  Magistrates fined King £1,100 and ordered him to cover MKC’s fees of nearly £1,000.  Black was fined £200 and ordered to pay £765 in costs.

Pete Roberts, the Environmental Crime team leader at MK Council said:

“Abandoned vehicles can cast an air of neglect upon a neighbourhood and be a magnet for anti-social behaviour”.

We hope these results will deter people from leaving their old cars (and buses) to rot away.”