Herts Conservationists Plan Africa Trek

31 January 2019, 12:42 | Updated: 31 January 2019, 12:47

ZSH Animal Africa Trek

A conservation project by the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire (ZSH) is planning to wildlife equipment and funding to wildlife charities to Africa.

ZSH also plan to donate an anti-poaching & animal rescue vehicle.

The team will travel across Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.

The Drive4Wildlife programme will see four members of the Paradise Wildlife Park (formerly Broxbourne Zoo) drive across Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda, delivering equipment and funds to extraordinary wildlife charities.

The vehicle the team are donating will be used by the Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre to rescue injured animals and help assist anti-poaching patrols.

The team say:

"Many animals from Gorillas to Lions, Rhinos and Elephants are badly injured, often by poachers, so the ability to retrieve, care for and rehabilitate is essential.

Drive4Wildlife and the donations we deliver will make all this happen and more. But we need your support too!"

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