Dawn Raids Targeting Knife Crime

22 March 2019, 10:09


Police have made 38 arrests and searched 33 properties in a series of early morning raids across Kent.


Numberous weapons were also seized, including 11 knives, along with quantities of heroin and crack cocaine. It is part of Kent Police's continued crackdown on knife crime and culture surrounding it.

Chief Constable of Kent, Alan Pughsley, said: "There is absolutely no place in Kent for knife crime or the culture around it.

‘These warrants demonstrate we are taking a robust, proactive and zero-tolerance approach to people who choose to break the law and this will continue in the coming weeks.'

Various properties across Medway, Maidstone, Thanet and Canterbury were targeted during the warrants and among the noteworthy finds were a Samurai style sword from a property in Maidstone and a crossbow from a property in Dover.

Plain clothed and uniformed officers will continue to be targeting those suspected to be involved in organised crime involving knives and drugs in the coming weeks.

The Chief Constable added: "We are committed to keeping the county safe. Aside from our enforcement work, we work closely with local authorities and schools to educate people on the dangers of this type of offending and challenge the mistaken belief that carrying a knife will give you added protection.

"If you carry a knife you are more likely to become a victim and can also expect to be arrested and brought before the courts."