Kent Police Bring In Knife Arches

16 July 2019, 07:01 | Updated: 16 July 2019, 07:03

Knife Arch - Kent Police

Kent Police say they're dealing with knife crime by putting metal detectors up in Dartford and Gravesend.

They have been used at the doors of a number of pubs, clubs and takeways.

Chief Inspector Neil Louden said: "This is just one more tool we are using in the fight against knife crime.

"We are working with popular venues in the area, it does not mean they have more of a problem than anywhere else. Like us they want the area to be as safe as possible.

"Those who carry a knife are putting both themselves and other people in danger. They are also risking a prison sentence as we take a zero tolerance approach to those who carry weapons and will not hesitate in making arrests when we stop people in possession of them.

"We are committed to making the area a safer one and will continue to use every resource available to us and work closely with our partner agencies to tackle knife crime."