How to recreate the most popular Christmas hairstyles for this festive season

16 November 2020, 19:30

Heart spoke to a pro hairdresser about how to recreate some incredible celeb looks
Heart spoke to a pro hairdresser about how to recreate some incredible celeb looks. Picture: Instagram
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

Feeling a bit stuck for inspiration this festive season? Or just completely baffled about how to achieve that sleek look you've been eyeing up? Have no fear, as we've got all the information you need.

Christmas is just around the corner, and whilst it's still uncertain wether we'll be spending our Christmas parties at home having a tipple over zoom, or actually out with our loved ones, one thing is for sure... we'll wanna look damn good for it. spoke to Josh Kelly, Owner of Hair Choice Extensions and Zest Salon, Liverpool, who revealed to us exactly how we can go about recreating some of the hottest looks we've been spotting all over social media recently.


We LOVE Belle’s half up half down style.

To do this, simply separate the hair into two sections and leave the fringe out.

(Tip – tie the hair up with a thin bobble as opposed to a thick scrunchie or thicker bobble, this will help later on!)

Firstly, concentrate on the lower half of the hair.

Split the hair into larger sections and using a barrel wand, wrap the hair away from your face & around the wand. Leave this in for 10 seconds and release.

Repeat this in sections all over then using a large- toothed comb, brush out.

Next, take a section of the hair tied up in and wrap around the bobble hiding this from sight.

Take a blonde coloured Kirby grip and secure the wrapped hair in place.

Finally to finish the look, we recommend taking the large GHD flat iron and gently curl inwards once, using a comb at the same time to smooth out the hair. If you don’t have the large GHD iron, any normal straightener will do.

Finish off with a light spritz of hair spray all over and you’re good to go!

Tip – For extra thickness we recommend using Hair Choice's professional tape extensions in shade California. (available in 16, 18 & inches)


This look requires two things – curlers and a clear schedule as this look will take longer than most.

To get the tightly tonged curls as seen on Molly-Mae here, your main tool will be a coned curling tong and you’ll also need a good heat protector as this required A LOT of heat!

Separate the hair in smaller sections starting from the bottom up.

Take thin section of hair and wrap tightly around the tong, leave to curl for no longer than 10 seconds.

Release the curl and spritz with hairspray to keep the curl intact.

Repeat this all over until the hair is tightly curled and perfectly in place!

Tip: We’d also recommend using a firm hold mousse all over to keep the look in place & long lasting.


We are obsessed with Amber’s simple and slick look! This is extremely easy to recreate too using a few simple steps.

Firstly, we want to make sure the hair is silky smooth and straightened to perfection.

Separating the hair into sections, use a large flat iron straightener and straighten each section individually.

We’d also recommend using a comb to run through the hair at the same time making sure the sections stay smooth.

Next, we want to add volume! To do this, we’re going to add the Hair Choice Backstage Clip in piece. For someone of amber’s natural hair length, we’d recommend the 16-inch length straight in Honey Glaze or Bronzed depending on the blonde/brown balance in your hair. This will add texture, volume and a gorgeous thickness.

To finish the look, comb the hair through with a thick toothed comb and finish with a touch of hair spray to keep the look in place.


How cute is this look? We LOVE how creative Anna has been with her hair here & we can tell you exactly how to recreate it!

The main feature of this look will be a clip in pony piece.

Make sure your natural hair is straight, then tie back in a high pony. Secure this in place making sure the hair is tight.

Next up, attach the pony piece! For a shade like Anna’s, we’d recommend Espresso or Autumn Leaf if the natural hair has hints of blonde highlight.

Anna loves the long look so for this we’d also recommend the longest length there is – 20 inch!

After securing the pony piece in place, take a small section of the hair & wrap around the bobble hiding this from sight.

Then, mark out the sections with thin bobbles (clear ones work great) and again within the sections of the hair where you’d like the hair to wrap.

From the top, take a section of hair and wrap around each section creating the bubbled effect you see in the photo.

When you reach the bottom section tuck in the last bit of hair to the last bobble at the back hiding from sight.