Is THIS £10 gloss the perfect red lipstick?

24 June 2019, 12:24

A red lip never goes out of style... but the wrong lippie might go everywhere
A red lip never goes out of style... but the wrong lippie might go everywhere. Picture: Getty / Boots

By Nicola Bonn

A great red lipstick can be hard to find but according to our beauty expert Nicola Bonn, this one has it all.

Red lipstick can be so hard to wear - it can end up on your teeth, your chin and basically anywhere else other than your lips!

Personally, I find it very hard to relax when I wear a red as I'm either concerned that it's made it's way to one of the aforementioned spots or has rubbed off leaving me with a red line around my lips and nothing where it counts.

It's for these reasons that when I find a great red, I get really really excited.

Some of the reds that have worked for me in the past have definitely been on the more expensive end of the spectrum. I love Pat McGrath's Mattrance in Elon 2, MAC's iconic Ruby Woo and NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Dragon Girl is incredible.

However, if you want something affordable and perfect for red lovers (and fearers), go to Boots and pick yourself up a No7 Matte Liquid Lip in Fearless.

This red lipstick is a must buy
This red lipstick is a must buy - and only a tenner . Picture: press/brand

This gorgeous formula is a non-drying matte that feels comfy and almost silky on the lips. It stays put (although will need a quick reapply after food) and is in the most perfect suit all shade of orangey red.

I love the fact that it takes moments to apply and once on your lips makes your teeth look whiter and your face look brighter. It's a sensational product and one that will be a part of my beauty arsenal for years to come.

Buy Boots No7 Matte Liquid Lip here for £10