When will the hairdressers and salons re-open in the UK after lockdown?

21 April 2020, 15:22 | Updated: 22 April 2020, 10:32

It'll be a while before hairdressers can re-open
It'll be a while before hairdressers can re-open. Picture: Getty

When will salons be opening their doors back in the UK and when will lockdown be lifted? We reveal all we know.

We are now weeks into lockdown, and everyone's struggling in different ways.

One of the vainest ways a lot of us are struggling is down to our hair desperately needing a trim or our roots being in dire need of touching up.

Although we're cooped up indoors, many of us have gotten used to our regular appointments and are missing them during lockdown.

Which poses the question: "When will we be able to go and get our hair done again?"

When will the hairdressers re-open in the UK?

At the moment, there is no official date, only speculation about when hair salons and other businesses might reopen.

There are plenty of theories and plans that many have stated could be a possibility in regard to a phased return to normality, but nothing regarding this has been confirmed by the government as of yet.

The only crystal clear confirmation we'll get as to when salons and other similar businesses will open their doors again will be announced in the daily Downing Street briefings by one of the cabinet members.

For the time being we are in lockdown and will be for the foreseeable.

How can I do my own hair at home?

It's best to avoid cutting or dyeing your own hair at home, and to wait until you can get yourself to a salon.

No one will be able to see your outgrown roots and split ends at the end of the day, and it's a great opportunity to let your hair have a break and to do plenty of hair masks.

However, if you can't wait, we have spoken to experts about how exactly you can cut your own hair from home, and found out the best tips for dyeing your hair at home.

When will lockdown end?

There is no date for when things will start returning to normal and lockdown will be lifted.

On March 23rd we officially went into lockdown for an initial trial period of three weeks, which was extended for a further three weeks on April 16th.

The government are hoping that we'll start to see the curve flattening as daily death rates begin to fall, but it's crucial that we all stay at home until we're told otherwise.