Woman reveals how to make your own giant Jaffa Cake at home using simple ingredients

6 April 2020, 13:27

You'll be able to create your own from home!
You'll be able to create your own from home! Picture: Getty

The very creative lady was making good use of her baking skills during lockdown.

One woman has revealed her incredible method of creating a gigantic Jaffa Cake at home, which is perfect for any lovers of the chocolate orange treat.

If you're a fan of the biscuit/cake (we can't decide which it is!) then you should be able to create your own easy version in a few easy steps using stuff you probably already have around the house.

Fans of the Jaffa Cake will be over the moon
Fans of the Jaffa Cake will be over the moon. Picture: Getty

To make the base, all you need is some butter, sugar, plain flour, baking powder and eggs.

Then for the orange bit in the centre, you only need some orange jelly, then dark chocolate for topping the whole thing.

The budding baker shared her recipe and photos of her incredible creation, to the popular Facebook group Rate My Plate.

She uploaded step-by-step snaps, revealing that she baked the base first.

Then she made the jelly and poured it into a round bowl, so it would set in the right shape.

Once the jelly was hard, she popped it on the sponge before slathering the whole thing in chocolate, and re-created the signature pattern on top with a fork. 

She wrote: “Use a basic 100g butter block, sugar, flour, two eggs, one teaspoon of baking powder with one packet of orange jelly and one packet of dark chocolate and…

“Ta-da! A giant Jaffa cake!”

Her post has since racked up hundreds of comments from those who want to give a crack at it themselves.

Jaffa Cake fans have vowed to try and make the dish while in isolation, while others suggested alternatives if you can’t get hold of any jelly. 

One person said: “I would risk social distancing to mug you for that.”

Someone else added: “Next time, make the jelly with orange marmalade, gelatine and water – it gives a more realistic taste.”

While someone else asked: “Can you pretty please move in with me for the weekend and make me lots of these – will be your best friend forever.”