Vegan snacks UK: Best healthy treats to buy on the high street

17 March 2020, 16:39 | Updated: 9 April 2020, 16:09

The best vegan snacks
The best vegan snacks. Picture: Roar/Gosh/ChikP/Well&Truly

The best vegan snacks on the market - including granola bars, ice cream and cocktail sausages.

With the number of vegans in the UK rising significantly over the past few years, the high street is catching on.

And now those who choose to live on a plant-based diet can get their hands on hundreds of delicious snacks and treats.

Check out our favourite below...

Roar ice cream

Roar plant based ice cream
Roar plant based ice cream. Picture: Roar

These tubs of joy are made from plant alternatives and come in flavours Coconut Mango Passion Fruit Oat Cookie Ice Cream, Hazelnut Chocolate Cookie and Hemp Seed Chocolate Brownie.

Price: £5 from Ocado and Tesco

Nim's Fruit Crisps

Nim's fruit crisps
Nim's fruit crisps. Picture: Nim's

These nutritious fruit crisps come in some amazing flavours such as pineapple and beetroot.

The smell and taste combination will knock your socks off! Daring and delicious.

Price: Starting at 95p from Nim's

MadeGood granola bars

MadeGood granola bars
MadeGood granola bars. Picture: Made Good

MadeGood granola bars are 100% vegan thanks to the syrup that binds the oats and are the first ever allergen free granola snack bar that's safe to eat in schools and workplaces! 

Price: £1 from ASDA

Lizi's super muesli

Lizi's super muesli
Lizi's super muesli. Picture: Lizi

Lizi's Super Muesli comes in four delightful variants including Boost, Cleanse, Focus, Glow, packed full of added vitamins and minerals as well as good-for-you natural ingredients.

Price: £4 from Waitrose

Crazy Jack nut mix

Crazy Jack have released organic dried fruits, nuts, seeds and pulses in an all new snacking range, which are perfect for popping into your bag before work.

Price: Starting at £2 from Sainsbury's

Tiba Tempeh

Tiba Tempah snacks
Tiba Tempah snacks. Picture: Tiba Tempah

Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food made from fermenting soybeans with live cultures, creating a natural plant protein.

This incredible range by Tiba Tempeh consists of snacks such as Tempeh Pieces in Curry-Spiced, Sweet Chilli and Soy-Marinated flavours, and a Smoky BBQ Burger.

Price: £3.25 from Holland and Barrett, Selfridges, Wholefoods and Planet Organic

Gosh! cocktail sausages

Gosh! cocktail sausages
Gosh! cocktail sausages. Picture: Gosh!

Gosh! has launched the perfect plant-based party platter picker – the new Veggie Cocktail Sausages with Sage and Black Pepper.

With no nasties, no preservatives and free-from the top 14 allergens, these are suitable for absolutely everyone.

Price: £1.99 from Morrisons and Booth

Oatly chocolate drink

Oatly chocolate drink
Oatly chocolate drink. Picture: Oatly

Oatly's delicious chocolate 'milk' is full of oats and contains protein, carbs, fibre and some healthy fat.

It's also enriched with calcium and vitamins - and tastes amazing!

Price: £1.50

Mummy Meagz' vegan creme eggs

Mummy Meagz creme eggs
Mummy Meagz creme eggs. Picture: Mummy Meagz

Mummy Meagz produce vegan creme eggs, known as Chuckie Eggs, and a range of Rocky Road bars which come in four different flavours: Original, Sea Salt and Cinder Toffee, Orange and Mint.

Price: 99p from Holland and Barrett

Benefit chocolate bars

Benefit chocolate
Benefit chocolate. Picture: Montrose chocolate

Benefit chocolate combines chocolate sourced directly from the Casa Luker Estate in Colombia to create indulgent bars of vegan chocolate.

Price: Start at £1.75 from

Nush's spreadable cheese

Nush's spreadable cheese
Nush's spreadable cheese. Picture: Nush

Nush has created the UK’s first dairy-free, soya-free, nut milk spreadable cheese made from Almond milk. It's available in two delicious flavours - Natural and Chive.

Price: £2.50 from Marks & Spencer

Wicked multivitamin gummies

Wicked multivitamin gummies
Wicked multivitamin gummies. Picture: Wicked Gummy Co

While they might not be a snack, Wicked Gummy Co has a range of Vegan Society registered nutritional gummies.

You feel like you're having a naughty treat whilst actually getting all the benefits of ingredients traditionally reserved for pills and capsules. 

Amongst their range they have sleep aid, probiotic, Multivitamin, Vitamin D and Hair, Skin & Nails.

Price: £21.99 from Wicked Gummy Co

Mummy Meagz rocky road bars

Mummy Meagz rocky road bars
Mummy Meagz rocky road bars. Picture: Mummy Meagz

Crunchy, velvety & gooey, this mixed box of vegan and gluten free rocky road bars are deliciously decadent.

They come in flavours Minty, Orange and Original Rocky Road and are the perfect treat for yourself or a loved one.

Price:£1.19 from Holland Barrett

Holy Moly snack pots

Holy Moly snack pot
Holy Moly snack pot. Picture: Holy Moly

Holy Moly has launched a range of chip-n’-dip-style Snack Pots including flavours veggie crudités, tortilla chips and boiled egg. 

They are also available in the Guac n’ Roll and Avo n’ Carrot editions.

Price: £2.75 available from WHSmith

ChicP Hummus

ChicP houmous
ChicP houmous. Picture: ChicP

Nutritious, sustainable, and delicious, the ChicP hummus range offers a range of delicious dips created from surplus and imperfect vegetables.

Price: £1.99 from Ocado

Bounce V Life Vegan Cashew & Peanut Protein Energy Balls

Bounce energy balls
Bounce energy balls. Picture: Bounce

Bounce V Life Vegan Cashew & Peanut Protein Energy Balls is a peanut butter lover's dream! With 9g of veggie protein, and packed full of Cashews and Peanuts, they're incredible.

Price: Pack of 12 £21.49 from Nature's Health Box

OGGS cakes

OGGS cakes
OGGS cakes. Picture: OGGS

These dairy free cakes go perfectly with a tea or after your dinner.

Flavours such as chocolate fudge, Victoria sponge and zesty lemon make them perfect for anyone.

Price: £4.25 from Sainsbury's

Squirrel sisters bars

Squirrels sisters bars
Squirrels sisters bars. Picture: Squirrels sisters

Squirrel Sisters produce delicious, raw bars made with 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality.

Flavours include Cacao Brownie, Cacao orange and raspberry ripple.

Price: £1.99 from Waitrose, Holland and Barrett, Ocado, Amazon and Whole Foods

Love Cocoa Gin & Tonic dark chocolate bar

Love Cocoa Gin and Tonic chocolate
Love Cocoa Gin and Tonic chocolate. Picture: Love Cocoa

Love Cocoa is a luxury chocolate brand created by Mr Cadbury's great-great-great grandson, James Cadbury - and his Gin and Tonic bars are totally unique and delicious.

Handmade in Great Britain, the bars are palm oil free, sport 100% recyclable packaging and compostable inners made from wood pulp.

Price: £4.50 from Love Cocoa

Well&Truly's Crunchy Smokey Paprika Sticks

Well & Truly Crunchy Smokey Paprika Snacks
Well & Truly Crunchy Smokey Paprika Snacks. Picture: Well & Truly

These super smokey, naturally paprika-flavoured corn snacks are crammed full of flavour, crunch and lower in fat.

Price: 7 x 100g bags for £10 from

Nutty Bruce

Nutty Bruce is packed full of almonds and nutrients
Nutty Bruce is packed full of almonds and nutrients. Picture: Nutty Bruce

This new plant-based brand of nut milk is made using organic whole activated almonds. It is claimed that activated nuts are closer to being alive, giving them increased nutrient value.

Price: £2.25 from Planet Organic