Girl, 12, tragically dies after her arm was sucked into pool pump at Turkish resort

29 August 2019, 08:14 | Updated: 29 August 2019, 08:18

The young girl died eleven days after the incident
The young girl died eleven days after the incident. Picture: Getty/Sunhill Hotels
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

It has been revealed the Russian girl, Alisa Adamova, has passed away eleven days after the incident.

Alisa Adamova has died after she was left in critical condition following an incident which saw the young girl’s arm sucked into a pool pump.

The girl was trapped below the surface of the water – at Bodrum holiday resort in Turkey – for almost 15 minutes before her father and other tourists managed to released her from the pump.

It has been reported when she was released a piece of the pump was still attached to her arm.

Alisa, who has been described as a strong swimmer, was rushed to hospital following the traumatic incident but tragically died eleven days later.

Witnesses have claimed that there was “no lifeguard on duty” when Alisa’s arm was sucked into the pump at Sunhill Hotel.

Alisa’s mother, Natalya Adamova, told Fontanka news agency: “Her dad dived and saw our child stuck underwater. He tried to pull her out but her hand was very strongly sucked into the pump pipe.

“He called for help. Other guests rushed to assist. But even after hotel workers turned off the pump, they could not free her hand.

“Then he and seven other guests broke the pipe and pulled Alisa out along with a piece of pipe on her arm.”

The young girl was staying at Sunhill Hotel with her family
The young girl was staying at Sunhill Hotel with her family. Picture: Sunhill Hotel

Alisa’s father announced today that while Russian doctors flew to Turkey to save her, the young girl had passed away.

He said: "We know that life must go on but we will never be the same again."

Police are currently looking into the incident.