Government bike repair vouchers: What is the ‘Fix My Bike’ scheme and how can I apply?

29 July 2020, 11:12 | Updated: 29 July 2020, 11:32

The government's new bike fix vouchers are available
The government's new bike fix vouchers are available. Picture: PA Images

How can I get a bike fix voucher? Here's everything you need to know about the new government scheme.

The government has recently launched the UK bike voucher program, which gives the public £50 towards repairing their bicycle.

In a bid to encourage people to take up cycling, the Fix Your Bike Scheme will offer the voucher towards the cost of getting your bike back on the road.

But how can you apply a voucher for bike repairs and how does the scheme work? Here’s what you need to know...

Thousands of people will be able to get their bikes fixed
Thousands of people will be able to get their bikes fixed. Picture: PA Images

What is the ‘Fix My Bike’ scheme?

The bike voucher government scheme offers you a £50 discount on your bicycle repair if it needs fixing.

It is only available in England, and they are then being released in batches, but will reportedly be up to half a million provided in the long-run.

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You’ll also be entitled to a free bike assessment to deduce whether any work on your bicycle is needed.

Vouchers can then be used at any bike shops which are taking part in the scheme, with a limit of two vouchers per household.

How do I apply for a bike repair voucher?

The Government vouchers for bike repairs are available from the Fix Your Bike Scheme website.

However, a message on the site currently states there are currently no vouchers available.

It reads: “Vouchers are being released gradually to reflect the capacity of the bike repairers signed up to the scheme. More vouchers will be made available as soon as possible.”

An initial 50,000 vouchers was made available to those who registered online when the site launched on Tuesday 29th July, however it crashed within minutes of going live.

It seems to be working again now, but some users are still reporting issues.

Which bike shops accept the Government vouchers?

Bike repair businesses that have registered include Evans Cycles and Halfords.

Evans Cycles are offering a ‘Road Ready Service’ for £35, while Halfords has a discounted repair and 32-point bike assessment.

A full list of bike repair shops and mechanics accepting these vouchers is available on the Energy Saving Trust’s website.

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