Cycling to work essentials: From lights to activewear, everything you need for the commute

6 October 2020, 15:44

Everything you need to start commuting on your bike
Everything you need to start commuting on your bike. Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

With more people than ever looking to start cycling to work, it's important to be safe and prepared.

With some people across the UK heading back to the office following full lockdown measures, many are looking to ditch the train and car commutes for a cycle to work scheme.

Whether it is to be more environmentally friendly, shed the lockdown pounds or to avoid close contact with others on public transport, there are many health benefits to cycling to work.

Not only does it give you a form of exercise in your daily routine, but it is also the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day at work.

But with more people than ever dusting off their bikes from the garage, it is important to make sure you have essentials to keep your journey to and form work in a comfortable and safe way.

We've put together a round-up of the must-have cycling to work essentials to help keep you safe and happy on your bike:

Beeline Velo

Beeline Velo, £99.00
Beeline Velo, £99.00. Picture: PH

This minimalist bike computer will ensure you always know where you're heading.

Whether you're heading off on an adventure, or want to ensure you don't make a wrong turn on the way to work, the Beeline Velo will give you directions turn by turn.

The product also records how far you've cycled and how fast you're going.

With no complex instructions to distract you from the road, the Beeline is the best way to stay on course during your cycle.

Buy now: Beeline Velo, £99.00

Beryl Laserlight Core

Beryl Laserlight Core, £69.99
Beryl Laserlight Core, £69.99. Picture: PH

There's nothing more important than safety on your bike, and making sure you have suitable lights is paramount.

The Beryl Laserlight Core uses laser technology, is waterproof and runs for up to 41 hours.

As well as a 400-lumen white light, the Laserlight Core also projects a laser image of a bike on the road ahead so others on the road know you're coming.

Buy now: Beryl Laserlight Core, £69.99

Proviz Switch Women's Cycling Gilet

Proviz Switch Women's Cycling Gilet, £64.99
Proviz Switch Women's Cycling Gilet, £64.99. Picture: PH

As we enter winter and darker evenings, it's very important that you can be seen on the road by other cyclists and cars.

The Proviz Switch Women's Cycling Gilet is reversible and so can be worn in the day and the night.

The day side, which is a light blue shade, allows you to stand out on the road, while the night side, made of a reflective material, will light up when on the roads from the reflection of car headlights.

Buy now: Proviz Switch Women's Cycling Gilet, £64.99

Dry Pouch for valuables, £64.95

Dry Pouch for valuables, £64.95
Dry Pouch for valuables, £64.95. Picture: PH

If you're committing to cycling to work, you've got to be prepared for all weather conditions, and rain is one that will come around a lot.

In order to keep your valuables dry and safe, use Red Original's waterproof pouch, which gives 100 per cent water tight protection.

The padded internal pocket also means that no matter how many bumps you go over, your valuables will be protected.

Buy now: Dry Pouch for valuables, £64.95

Performance top layer

Performance top layer by Red Original, £49.95
Performance top layer by Red Original, £49.95. Picture: PH

As we enter the colder months, it's important to wrap up warm for your early morning or late night commute to and from work.

Red Original's performance top layer is made with a special dri-release fabric that keeps you warm, but doesn't let you overheat.

Buy now: Performance top layer by Red Original, £49.95

Shower in a Can

Shower in a Can, £9.99
Shower in a Can, £9.99. Picture: PH

If you don't have time or the facilities to shower when your get to work after your cycle, there are other ways to freshen yourself up.

Shower in a Can is the best alternative around, and allows you to feel clean and confident all day – even after a long cycle to the office.

Shower in a Can is a foam that is applied to skin after exercise that dries down in seconds to leave skin fresh and clean, killing bacteria and body odour – and there's no need to rinse.

Buy now: Shower in a Can, £9.99

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