The way you sneeze reveals a lot about your personality, according to experts

8 June 2020, 15:18

The way you sneeze reveals a lot about your personality
The way you sneeze reveals a lot about your personality. Picture: Getty

Are you a loud sneezer, or a repetitive one? It all reveals something about you...

Everyone has their own unique way of sneezing, but turns out they can actually say a whole lot about who you are as a person.

Femail spoke to communication coach and founder of communication consultancy Zone2, Robin Kermode, who revealed some very interesting traits associated with certain sneezes.

How do you sneeze?
How do you sneeze? Picture: Getty

He said: "In the age of social distancing we are trying especially hard not to stand too close to other people, in case they sneeze their germs all over us or, indeed, if we do the same. 

"So the way we sneeze is important, and never more so than at this time. But the way we sneeze also says a lot about our personality type too."

The repetitive sneezer

Robin explains that this type of sneezer is often somebody who wants to be the centre of attention. He says: "I had an uncle who sneezed very loudly, twice.

"With about an 11 second gap between, as if he was genuinely proud of his second sneeze.

"Many of us routinely sneeze in patterns, often between two and five times, but they don’t have to be eccentrically loud."

The silent sneezer

Robin reckons this is the kind of person who doesn't want to draw much attention to themselves, saying: "They may lack confidence or just be the type who don't want to ruffle feathers, but they could do with letting their opinion be heard more often."

The apologetic sneezer

"This is someone who doesn’t want to impact on other people’s lives too much. They will probably be quite reserved in character, and always polite.

"You can see the agony on their face as they try to hold in a sneeze that is inevitably going to come out.

"Of course, it comes out in the end, and when it does they hold most of the sound inside them, apologetically.

"This personality type should definitely work on their confidence".

The loud sneezer

"From my experience, the Loud Sneezer rarely covers their mouth and are supremely proud of their volume.

"Beware of them at your peril, their volume probably matches their velocity so, in the words of the government, Stay Alert!"

Are you a 'trying not to' sneezer?
Are you a 'trying not to' sneezer? Picture: Getty

The vocalised ‘achew’

Robin said: "This is usually done by someone who feels they have every right to sneeze but are trying to be socially polite.

"This person is usually self-assured, but also self conscious and controlled, and could do with occasionally letting their hair down".

The 'trying not to' sneezer

Robin says this person is the kind of human who "doesn’t want to create a scene or make a fuss."

He says: "While it's great to want to keep people happy, these characters should make sure they stay true to themselves and aren't too easily influenced".  

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