Workplace illnesses are being spread by our disgusting office habits

31 January 2020, 13:03

Being sick at work will understandably spread disease
Being sick at work will understandably spread disease. Picture: Getty
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

If you're feeling like you should be going to work in a hazmat suit, there's probably a reason for it.

The office can feel a bit disgusting at times when it seems like every single colleague is ill.

All the coughing, sneezing and close human interaction is inevitably going to spread any bugs, flus or diseases - but there's a whole load of other disgusting habits that make the situation a lot worse.

A new hygiene study by Joblist has shown that we're actually festering among everyone's gross habits, and they're having a horrible effect on our wellbeing, making the office a perfect place for bugs to spread.

Going to work ill is never a good idea... but people still do it
Going to work ill is never a good idea... but people still do it. Picture: Getty

A whopping two thirds of the 1,000 people surveyed believed they'd contracted illness from a co-worker, with 43 per cent of those illnesses being the flu!

Here are some of the main offenders for spreading germs.

Not showering

Half of the respondents admitted to going to work without showering at least once in the last month. On average, people went to the office without a shower twice every month.

Beyond the fact you'll be smelling like a butcher's dustbin on a hot summer's day, skipping a shower can actually pose health risks.

Showers and baths are the key ways we remove bacteria from our bodies which prevents skin and fungal infections.

Smelly people aren't welcome
Smelly people aren't welcome. Picture: Getty

Wearing unwashed clothing

56 per cent said they had worn unwashed clothing to work in the past month, while a quarter had worn sweaty items to the office.

In some cases, these habits can produce uncomfortable health problems, such as yeast infections and UTIs – but it’s more likely to cause an acne flare-up.

Not wearing deodorant

Be prepared to gag - a quarter of the respondents admitted that they've been prone to not wearing any deodorant at the office.

And a whopping 10 per cent has admitted to rarely or NEVER wearing it at work - DIS. GUS. TING.

Not washing your hands

This is a pretty obvious one, but not washing your hands regularly, both before eating and generally throughout the day.

They survey found that one in five people have gone an entire workday without washing their hands, and around 50 per cent said they'd forgotten to wash their hands before eating communal food.

Attending meetings when sick

If you're ill, you shouldn't be at work - no ifs or buts - but unfortunately some people have no choice and still make the snotty trek into work.

A whopping 73 per cent admitted they'd gone to work while sick, and the majority of those had attended meetings and interacted closely with their co-workers

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