Crafty mum reveals how she folds fitted sheets completely flat in seconds

7 May 2020, 17:54

Folding your sheets is so much easier now!
Folding your sheets is so much easier now! Picture: TikTok @bubltea1

The amazing hack has gone viral on TikTok and many and calling it a life changer!

Folding your bedsheets, and just doing laundry in general, is never really a fun task is it?

And there's something so irritating about the fact fitted sheets can never be folded perfectly to go in the cupboard isn't there? Well not any more...

TikTok user bubltea1, who is from Poland, demonstrated how she folds her bedsheets perfectly and with ease.

It's attracted hundreds of thousands of views, and it's blown our minds!

The video even comes with instructions labelled at the top, so there's no excuse for you not to try out the hack.

She starts standing with her arms spread, gripping onto two corners of the sheets, explaining that you have to flip the corners inside out, turn it around and put your hand in the corners once more.

The video shows step by step how it's done
The video shows step by step how it's done. Picture: TikTok

Next, she says brings the right corner over the left - with your hand still inside - and line up the edges.

Then she slides her hands down to reach the bottom corner, and turns it around to repeat.

Once you bring the right corner over the left once more, you can release the corners and lay the sheet flat on the floor.

Fold it in half once, before folding the sheet sideways three times - and you have a perfectly folded sheet, as if it were a flat one.

One person said: "finally. now i know instead of just rolling it up haha"

"I've always wondered how to fold them up properly," said another. 

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