Love it or hate it!? Marmite, Magnums, Bovril and Pot Noodles face the chop

27 July 2019, 16:03 | Updated: 27 July 2019, 16:16

Marmite is under pressure. Picture: Marmite

By Beci Wood

Unilever is threatening to axe some of the UK's most popular brands if they fail to 'have purpose', warns the consumer giant's boss.

Chief executive Alan Jope, 54, said only brands that "contribute meaningfully to the world or society" are safe - even if they are making money.

"Principles are only principles when they cost you something," he added.

The comments mean a number of British favourites could disappear from supermarket shelves.

Magnums are a hit with consumers. Picture: Magnum

Marmite has divided the nation for more than a century due to its strong flavour and now finds itself on the list of products potentially to be sold as it is made by Unilever.

Ice cream brand Magnum is another British favourite that could be dropped because of its apparent unsustainability.

The future of Pot Noodles has received a mixed reaction on Twitter.

The focus is now on flagship brands Knorr, Dove, Hellmann's and Persil which are among those on a list of 28 'sustainable' brands which account for 75 per cent of Unilever sales.

The multi-national business had a turnover of a whopping £45billion last year.

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