Is THIS the secret to getting rid of red wine stains?

29 December 2018, 18:35 | Updated: 29 December 2018, 18:38

How to get rid of red wine stains
How to get rid of red wine stains. Picture: Getty

A new hack to banish red wine stains has been revealed – and it’s hiding in your FRIDGE

Spilt a glass of Merlot over your favourite top this Christmas? Don’t panic! An incredibly easy new trick for removing red wine stains has been uncovered and the best part? You already own the secret ingredient.

A group of Australian mums who shared the tip online are claiming that milk can almost instantly erase those pesky pinot problems, leaving clothes clean and stain-free.


“I’ve done it when my new top was ruined. Just need to soak it for a while and ta-da! My dress was new again,” one mum said on Facebook.

“Soak in milk and once the stain vanishes, run a cycle to remove the milk smell,” another added.

“Yep, I've done milk for red wine stains. Works well.”

So, how does this so-called miracle stain remover actually work?

According to Wide Open Eats: “Milk is a fascinating solvent because it acts as both an acid and a base due to its content of water, salts, and fat.

“The result of milk's composition is that it persuades the coloured red wine stains to absorb into its fat content instead of the fabric.

“The higher the fat content, the more easily the stain will bond with the fat molecules and let go of the fabric.”

Want to try the milk trick at home? Just pour enough milk to cover the stain into a pan and bring it to the boil, removing it just before it begins to bubble, then submerge the problem area into the hot liquid. Soak for half an hour, rinse with cold water then put the item in the washing machine and it should come out stain-free!

The only things to remember? Whole milk is best, and although in theory the milk trick could work on carpets, it’s not as easy to remove the post-soak smell so maybe give this one a miss and try bicarbonate of soda instead.