Mrs Hinch's favourite Minky cloth: Where it's stocked and alternatives to buy

7 February 2019, 17:12 | Updated: 21 February 2019, 12:47

Mrs Hinch's favourite sponge is a Minky as seen here on This Morning
Mrs Hinch's favourite sponge is a Minky as seen here on This Morning. Picture: ITV

Britain's most famous cleaning Instagrammer is very particular about the cloths she uses. So where can you buy Mrs Hinch's favourite Minky cloth?

Mrs Hinch - real name Sophie Hinchliffe - has a whopping 1.7 million Instagram followers that tune into her stories each day to literally watch her clean her house.

But it's not as mundane as it seems. The 28-year-old mum to be accompanies her videos with some amazing music and even has cute names for all her favourite cleaning tools.

Hinchers - as Mrs Hinch calls her fans - will know all too well that her absolute favourite in her 'cloth family' is her 'Minkeh' which has been selling out across the country.

Where is Mrs Hinch's Minky antibacterial cleaning cloth from?

Mrs Hinch's Minky or 'Minkeh' as she affectionately calls it is an antibacterial cleaning cloth from Minky Homecare.

The cloth costs a bargain £2.45 and the website describes it as "The scrubbing side is ideal for quickly removing burnt on stains and marks, whilst the microfibre side simply lifts away grease and grime." 

They have sold out up and down the country due to Mrs Hinch's popularity and recently when supermarket Morrisons restocked them they had to limit customers to two each to stop frenzy buying.

Are there any alternatives to Minky cloths?

We're sure that Mrs Hinch probably wouldn't put her official seal of approval on anything other than her beloved Minky but if you can't get your hands on one here are a few similar items across the high street you can get your hands on...

  1. E-cloth washing up pad

    The E-cloth costs £3 from Waitrose
    The E-cloth costs £3 from Waitrose. Picture: Waitrose

    This cloth sold in Waitrose looks just like a Minky and offers the same scrubbing power on one side and a softer cleaning texture on the other side.

    These cost £3 each.

  2. M&S non stick cleaning sponge

    M and S have a Minky dupe
    M and S have a Minky dupe. Picture: Marks and Spencer

    Marks and Spencer have also offered up their own version of a Minky into the mix and even sent Mrs Hinch one to try as part of an M&S 'Hinch Haul'.

    We're not sure what her verdict is but if you want to give it a go they cost £1 here.

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