Mrs Hinch follower's 'weird ' toilet brush cleaning hack sparks debate amongst fans

21 February 2020, 11:39

The hack has confused some people
The hack has confused some people. Picture: Getty

The quick hack was posted in a group for Mrs Hinch's fans and followers.

A mum has revealed one of her favourite bathroom hacks in a Mrs Hinch group on Facebook, and it's safe to say opinions are mixed on her methods.

The self-confessed member of Mrs Hinch's 'army', posted in the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips group on the social media site, which has over 360,000 members, and shared a picture too.

Everyone loves a sparkling clean loo
Everyone loves a sparkling clean loo. Picture: Getty

She posted saying that she'd seen quite a few different opinions on the loo brush, and that this was her solution.

The mum wrote: "The brush is required to get the skids off my 'comfort height' toilet (just means there’s more height to fall!) I use the brush then clean it and spray with mould & mildew [remover].

"It stays there until it’s dry then goes back in the holder. No moisture to let the germs fester!"

Her 'hack's reception was mixed, with some finding it a bit strange
Her hack's reception was mixed, with some finding it a bit strange. Picture: Facebook

She also shared an image of the loo and the brush, detailing exactly how she'd dry her toilet brush in the unusual method, placing the handle of the newly cleaned toilet brush under the toilet seat.

The bristles of the brush are then over the toilet basin so it can drip dry before being put back in the holder.

Many loved the idea and praised the mum for her clever solution, with one saying "This is genius! I'm going to start doing this."

Another already used the technique, writing: "I thought I was the only strange person that done this. Woohoo I’m not!"

A third said: "This is genius! I'm going to start doing this."

Others were less convinced about it all, saying: "Slightly weird in my honest opinion. Just get the job done, replace the brush and get the hell outta there!! (I do however use the diluted Zoflora solution idea in the holder."

Some steer clear of toilet brushes altogether, as one recalled: "I haven’t used a loo brush since my now 18 year old son was a toddler and was running round the house using it as a sword."

Another suggested: "I don’t have one. The thought of my children touching it scares me. I’ve always just put bleach down the toilet after going. Does the job and my toilet is lovely and white."

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