Skull theory claims you can tell if your baby is a boy or a girl using 12-week-scan

5 April 2019, 16:52

Miracle Twins - Who Were Given Just 24 Hours To Live
Miracle Twins - Who Were Given Just 24 Hours To Live. Picture: Getty

There are tonnes of old wives tales out there for predicting baby genders but does this one really stand up?

A new theory claims to help parents tell the sex of their baby by looking at the shape of their skull.

Netmums users are claiming a simple trick is a sure-fire way to tell if you're having baby boy or girl without having to wait until your 20-week scan.

According to the parenting website, the simple test has 92 percent accuracy in predicting the sex of their baby.

Called the "skull theory", it's the idea that you can tell your baby's sex from the shape of their skull in the picture.

Skull theory for boys:

According to the website, male foreheads are lower and more sloping. What's more the top of the head is larger while their jawbone is usually more square.

Skull theory for girls:

Some people claim the top of the head is rounder and tapers at the top when its a girl. It's also claimed cheekbones are less pronounced an the jawbone is more rounded. Meanwhile, a girl's forehead is higher and less sloping.

There is no science to prove this unfounded theory, however, According to Netmums, their members claim the test is very accurate with some even pointing out the difference in skulls between to be accurate.