Ultra rare Kew Gardens 50p sells for 460 times its original value on eBay

18 August 2020, 12:53

The coin fetched an impressive amount
The coin fetched an impressive amount. Picture: PA

Who knows, you might have one of them in your purse!

An incredibly rare 50p coin has sold for a huge amount on eBay, a whopping 460 times its face value.

The Kew Gardens coin is thought to be the rarest out there, as only 210,000 of them have been released into circulation back when they were created.

The sale was made on eBay
The sale was made on eBay. Picture: PA

It sold for £230 after it went to auction, which is pretty impressive.

However, his coin was only expected to fetch around £160 as the Coin Hunter's eBay valuation tool puts it at that, so the owner's done very well.

The 50p has been circulated but it's in an "excellent condition" which helps push up the price.

Coins that are in a mint condition are more valuable to collectors who typically part with larger sums of cash to get their hands on them.

It was listed on eBay for £150 and the auction only lasted a day before the sale price reached £230.

Three bidders battled it out to score the highest price, with 11 bids being placed.

Kew Gardens' coins were originally released in 2009 to celebrate 250 years of the Royal Botanical Gardens.

The coin features one of the garden buildings at the UNESCO World Heritage Site; the Chinese Pagoda built in 1761.