“Socks, household appliances and books” are Brits’ most hated Christmas gifts

21 December 2019, 14:58 | Updated: 21 December 2019, 15:33

Christmas socks
Bah humbug... it's socks again! Picture: Getty

By Beci Wood

If you’ve still got some last-minute Christmas shopping, here’s a tip… don’t buy socks!

Often considered an easy option, it’s become a bit of a joke to find you've received socks under the tree.

But a third of people surveyed agree it’s the last thing they actually want.

And if you’re thinking of treating your loved one to a new vacuum cleaner or food mixer, think again.

Christmas present
Do everyone a favour this year and ditch the socks! Picture: Getty

Household appliances came in second place, with books taking a surprise third place.

Unsurprisingly it’s the grandparents who are the most likely to buy the unwanted gifts however most of us (74%) are too polite to tell them.

A rep for Lovehoney, who hosted the survey, said: “Here’s the proof that socks really are our least favourite present.

Dyson vacuum cleaners
Vacuum cleaners are great - but just not for Christmas! Picture: Getty

“We all get a few traditional but slightly dull presents each Christmas, such as socks and gift sets, which are stored away in a drawer and forgotten about.”

It’s the partners who usually get the presents spot on, with lingerie (21%), sex toys (16%), sexy games (14%) and massage oil (12%) ranking high.

A bit different to socks then!

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