Woman goes viral after belting out stunning 'Shallow' cover as part of video challenge

21 February 2020, 12:24

The singer has gone globally viral
The singer has gone globally viral. Picture: Instagram
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

Singer Charlotte Awbery has gained hundreds of thousands of followers and a blue tick on Instagram.

A commuter on the London Underground was approached by comedian and content creator Kevin Freshwater earlier this week, as part of his 'Finish The Lyrics' challenge.

What he didn't expect was singer Charlotte Awbery to blast out Lady Gaga's 'Shallow' better than the original and blow the whole nation's socks off.

Charlotte impressed millions with her impromptu cover
Charlotte impressed millions with her impromptu cover. Picture: Instagram

In the video - which was posted originally on Kevin's social media but has since been re-posted pretty much everywhere - he can be seen walking up to strangers around London, yelling "finish the lyrics" and singing a part of a song.

He approached Charlotte as she was walking around the London Underground, kicking things off with a few lines of the award-winning song from A Star Is Born.

Clearly, the singer impressed Kevin as he urged her to carry on singing, and after belting out a bit of the verse and chorus, she walked off smiling.

The effortless performance has gained a lot of attention, amassing millions of views all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and with internet fans being how they are, it didn't take them long to find out her identity.

Not much is known about the stunning blonde, as her social media accounts have absolutely blown up over the last few days and she's stayed utterly silent.

Her Instagram had a modest few hundred followers prior to the video going viral, and she was simply a normal woman working as a singer.

However, she now has over 260,000 followers on her account, and has been granted the coveted blue tick by Instagram.

Charlotte has amassed fans from across the world, with fan accounts being set up for her in places such as Brazil.

The Pussycat Dolls' official account has even spoken about Charlotte, after someone joked "I'm hearing that viral star Charlotte Awbery, who sang Lady Gaga's 'Shallow', has joined The Pussycat Dolls" along with a picture of Charlotte with Nicole Scherzinger, presumably a few years ago.

We wonder what will happen to Charlotte next and can't wait until the overnight superstar makes her next social media post after this radio silence.

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