Boris Johnson closes pubs and bars in 'very high' areas in England as he announces new tier system

12 October 2020, 15:59 | Updated: 12 October 2020, 16:13

Boris Johnson announced his Three Tier lockdown
Boris Johnson announced his Three Tier lockdown. Picture: PA Images/Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

The Prime Minister has announced the new Three Tier lockdown system in England.

Boris Johnson has unveiled his new three tier system in a speech to the Commons today.

The Prime Minister revealed that the government will now ‘simplify and standardise’ the current restrictions in England, by putting local areas into three sections based on coronavirus infections.

These are Medium, High and Very High alert levels.

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The medium alert level will consist of the current national measures, which is the rule of six indoors and outdoors, and 10pm curfews on hospitality.

Boris Johnson has announced new lockdown rules in England
Boris Johnson has announced new lockdown rules in England. Picture: Sky News

For those areas which are in the High alert level - which affects those currently on local lockdown - households will no longer be allowed to mix indoors, while the rule of six will continue to apply outdoors.

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As for the Very High level, all household mixing will be prohibited, including outside, and pubs and bars will be closed.

In areas with very high risk, the government will also work with local government leaders to put in place additional measures.

This could include closing hospitality, leisure and personal care sectors such as hairdressers and salons.

The Prime Minister added that all retail, schools and universities will remain open.

Pubs and restaurants could be forced to close
Pubs and restaurants could be forced to close. Picture: Getty Images

Liverpool has been moved up to the 'Very High' alert level, after a huge rise in coronavirus cases. This means all bars, pubs and restaurants will have to close from Wednesday.

Leisure centres, betting shops and casinos will also be forced to close.

Most of those areas already living under local restrictions - such as Greater Manchester and Birmingham - will be in the High category.

The PM said that, following rising infection rates, Nottinghamshire, East and West Cheshire, and a small area of High Peak will now move into the 'High' level.

These restrictions will likely last four weeks at a time before being reviewed based on Covid cases.