People living alone and single parents can stay over at other households from this weekend, says Boris Johnson

10 June 2020, 17:33

Families will now be able to see each other
Families will now be able to see each other. Picture: Getty

The Prime Minister announce that support bubbles can be formed by two separate households.

Boris Johnson has just announced that as the country's death and infection rate continues to fall, the Government are now introducing new steps as they relax lockdown rules in England.

The PM spoke today at the Downing Street press conference, and revealed that those living alone and any single parents will now be able to form 'support bubbles' with other household where they won't need to socially distance.

He clarified that that will be in England only, and that Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are following their own parliaments' rules.

The new support bubbles can't be changed between different household, and will need to be exclusive to two households, and has been put in place to tackle loneliness.

Boris Johnson led the meeting today
Boris Johnson led the meeting today. Picture: SKY NEWS

Speaking about this, he said: "I know how difficult it's been, last week we relaxed meetings outdoors and we did so in the knowledge that the virus' transmission is lesser outdoors.

"Still, too many people who live by themselves are unable to see friends and families."

The PM explained that from this weekend: "We will allow single households to form a support bubble with one other household.

"All those inner support bubbles will be able to act as if they live in the same household and do not need to stay two meters apart.

"You cannot switch households, you have to stick with the same one, and if one person has symptoms you need to all isolate."

He clarified: "This is to support people who are particularly lonely.

"Its not designed for people who don't qualify to meet inside others' homes.

"We cannot advise anyone who is shielding to form a support bubble at this time."

Single households will be able to visit other households
Single households will be able to visit other households. Picture: Getty

However, addressing those who can't form bubbles, he said: "I know how hard it is for those who are shielding and we will say more next week."

At the start of the meeting, Johnson said: "The government are satisfied that fifth test is being met.

"A month ago I set the roadmap to recovery from coronavirus, the measures it contained were all conditional, we are contenting to follow the roadmap and adjusting as we go on, as we said we would."