Are pubs going to close again?

28 September 2020, 13:25

Are pubs going to close again?
Are pubs going to close again? Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

As the UK sees a rise in COVID-19 cases, we ask – are pubs going to close again?

Last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a 10pm curfew for pubs, restaurants and bars across England, with most of the UK following suit.

The announcement came after days of concerns among the public over what new lockdown measures would be introduced following a surge in coronavirus cases.

At the time, some feared pubs would be closed all together.

However, in a bid to keep the hospitality sector thriving, pubs have not been shut, and instead slapped with a curfew.

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Are pubs going to close again?

Last week it was announced that pubs were not closing but would be given a curfew.

Boris Johnson announced these measures for England, with Scotland and Wales following suit later.

This means that pubs must be empty by 10pm, and cannot sell alcohol or food after this time.

These new rules apply to restaurants, cafes and other social clubs as well.

In some areas of England hit with a local lockdown, pubs in the area have been forced to close until further notice.

Boris Johnson announced new rules for the hospitality sector and stricter penalties for rule-breakers
Boris Johnson announced new rules for the hospitality sector and stricter penalties for rule-breakers. Picture: PA

What are the new lockdown measures for England?

Other amendments to lockdown rules announced by Boris last week were as follows:

- You should work from home if your job allows so

- From Thursday, pubs, bars and restaurants must offer table service only, except for takeaways

- Pubs, bars and restaurants must close at 10PM

- Face coverings must be worn by users of taxis, staff in retail settings and staff and customers in indoor hospitality – exception for people seated to eat or drink

- In retail, tourism and leisure sectors, COVID-19 guidelines will become legal obligations – could see fines or be closed if rules are breached

- Maximum of 15 people can attend a wedding and receptions

- Maximum of 30 people can attend a funeral

- Rule of six extended to all adult indoor team sports

- Tighter penalties for those breaking the rules

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