Scotland bans alcohol in pubs, restaurants and bars for 16 days

7 October 2020, 15:28 | Updated: 7 October 2020, 15:45

Nicola Sturgeon has announced strict lockdown measure for Scotland
Nicola Sturgeon has announced strict lockdown measure for Scotland. Picture: Getty/PA

Nicola Sturgeon has announced the strict lockdown measures in a bid to stop the rise in COVID-19 cases across Scotland.

It was announced today that pubs, bars and restaurants in Scotland will be banned from serving alcohol inside for 16 days.

From Friday, October 9, establishments in the hospitality sector will only be allowed to serve non-alcoholic beverages and food indoors between 6am - 6pm.

This means restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes will not be allowed to stay open past 6pm, with the exception of hotels serving meals.

These establishments will still be able to serve people outside from 6pm though, if they have space.

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Nicola Sturgeon is closing pubs, bars and restaurants from 6pm
Nicola Sturgeon is closing pubs, bars and restaurants from 6pm. Picture: PA

Even stricter lockdown rules have been announced for the areas of Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire & Arran, Lothian and Forth Valley, where all pubs, bars and restaurants have been told to close.

"These new restrictions will last for 16 days", the First Minister said: "They are intended to be short, sharp action to arrest a worrying increase in infection. However, although they are temporary, they are needed."

She added: "Without them, there is a risk the virus will be out of control by the end of this month.

"But with them, we hope to slow its spread. That will help to keep schools and businesses open over the winter. And it will save lives."

The new lockdown rules will stand for 16 days
The new lockdown rules will stand for 16 days. Picture: Getty

These locals have also been told to avoid public transport unless it is absolutely necessary.

In the announcement today, Nicola Sturgeon said: "We are not going back in to lockdown today.

"While these measures may feel like a backward steps, and perhaps they are, they are essential."

Speaking of why Scotland were not closing pubs altogether, Nicola said: "The reason we are not closing indoor hospitality completely is that we know the benefits, in terms of reducing loneliness and isolation, of giving people - particularly those who live alone - somewhere they can meet a friend for a coffee and a chat."

She added: "There will be an exemption to these rules - in all parts of Scotland - for celebrations associated with specific life events such as weddings that are already booked and funerals. The current rules for those will continue to apply."

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