England to bask in 17C mini-heatwave next week as people flock to pub gardens

13 April 2021, 07:44 | Updated: 13 April 2021, 07:53

Pub garden-visitors could enjoy a mini-heatwave next week
Pub garden-visitors could enjoy a mini-heatwave next week. Picture: Getty
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

UK weather: temperatures could reach as high at 17C next week

If you spent last night violently shivering in a pub garden while dressed in the biggest coat you could find, we have good news...

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It looks as if the freezing weather we've been experiencing will be replaced by a mini-heatwave. with highs of up to 17C expected in parts of the country.

People in England flocked to pub gardens yesterday
People in England flocked to pub gardens yesterday. Picture: Getty

The warm weather comes soon after England entered its second stage of lockdown-easing, with many people flocking to pub gardens to celebrate their reopening.

Unfortunately for those with bookings this week, it looks like the cold weather will continue for the next few days.

According to The Sun, highs of 15C will be reached in some areas by Sunday, and the mercury will rise to 17C by April 23.

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Pub gardens reopened on April 12
Pub gardens reopened on April 12. Picture: Getty

Sadly, though, forecasters have said this mini-heatwave will likely be replaced by colder temperatures by the end of the month.

The Met Office's long range forecast for the end of April and beginning of May says: "Fine and dry weather is likely to be more prevalent overall, especially during late-April, with this signal waning during May, although all areas are likely to see some showers or longer spells of rain at times."

Bookies have made this April odds on to be the coldest ever.

The current record-holder is April 2011, with the average temperature for the month being 5.7C.

The average temperature for this April is now at 4.6.

However, Met Office forecaster Nicky Maxey said rising temperatures "could change everything".


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