Lockdown to be eased in 'milestone measures' following six weeks of strict rules, announce Government

7 May 2020, 17:30 | Updated: 7 May 2020, 17:34

Dominic Raab told the country that we'll find out the full measures on Sunday
Dominic Raab told the country that we'll find out the full measures on Sunday. Picture: Sky News

The Prime Minister will set out a roadmap on Sunday, May 10th.

Today marks the end of the extended three weeks of lockdown put in place by our government, and no announcement has been made that it's over.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab today announced there is "no change as of today" and we still need to stick to lockdown rules, but that on Sunday we can look forward to PM Boris Johnson setting out a roadmap of how exactly we will start to ease off lockdown.

The Foreign Secretary spoke at the conference today
The Foreign Secretary spoke at the conference today. Picture: Sky News

Explaining what's happened so far in the second round of three weeks , Raab said: "we asked the public to keep going , we aren't done yet, people stuck to the rules.

"This meant working from home, losing money, home schooling, not seeing family, things we don't enjoy doing.

We've now passed the peak, the NHS hasn't been overwhelmed, people haven't been left without beds or ventilators."

He continued to explain that due to the fact we've stuck to lockdown measures and it was extended three weeks ago " we can now think about the next phase.

"This weekend, the Prime Minister will tell us what steps we can next take, we can start setting how we will live and work whilst still practicing social distancing to prevent a second peak."

On Sunday evening the UK will all watch as the Government lay out the plan for how life will start getting back to normal as lockdown is eased.

Raab added: "it contains appropriate measures to be taken at appropriate milestones, and there will be fine details in guidelines.

"Some changed can be confidently introduced earlier than others, and at each point we make these decisions it'll be based off scientific advice we receive."

"We kept measures in place this long so we can bounce back with vigour, and our next steps will be short footed and sustainable."

He did also warn that if people don't follow the new rules that the Government will be prepared to tighten restrictions again.