Love Island's Gabby Allen appears to CONFIRM her model brother Ethan is part of this year's cast

13 May 2019, 16:12 | Updated: 29 October 2019, 16:57

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

Heart spoke to Gabby Allen about the possibility of her younger brother Ethan appearing on this year's Love Island, and she had a lot to say...

Gabby Allen won over the nation when she appeared on the 2017 series of ITV2 show Love Island.

The 27-year-old Liverpool gal worked as a dance and fitness instructor prior to going on the show, and has continued her career post-villa.

We caught up with Gabby to discuss her new lifestyle book, Shape Up with Gabby Allen and all things Love Island, including whether or not the rumours about her younger brother, Ethan, entering the villa were true.

Gabby spoke to about all things Love Island
Gabby spoke to about all things Love Island. Picture: Heart

Hunky model Ethan, 24, is really close to his sister Gabby, and he's been a strong contender for both last year and this year's Love Island line-up.

After much speculation, he didn't appear on last year's series, but a TV insider told the Sun Online last year that Ethan had "been in for a couple of meetings."

When we asked Gabby about Ethan being on the show, she was incredibly positive and seemed excited at the concept of her brother following in her footsteps: "I’d love him to go on it, I think it’d be jokes."

Although she spoke hypothetically for the majority of the interview, the blonde beauty seemed to slip up as she said "and he will be" when addressing to her brother on the show.

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Gabby quickly backtracked and continued to talk about how her brother would be very successful if he were to appear on the hottest show of the summer, saying that "he would clean up" as all of her friends have been asking Gabby to set them up with Ethan - the man is clearly in demand!

She added that "everyone fancies him" and that the 24-year-old is "such a nice guy as well".

When asked about how she thinks her little bro will handle being on the show, Gabby said: "Obviously when you go on a show you don’t know how you will be perceived and that, but he’s just so sensitive and he does take things to heart.

"I think he’ll be quite hurt if he does like someone and they sacked him off to go with someone else, I don’t know how well he’d deal with that heartbreak."

And although Gabby reckons Ethan could be a tad heartbroken if someone played with his feelings, the supportive sister ensured that she reckon "he’d do really well on it."

We for one can't wait to see if Ethan will be revealed as one of brand new cast members.

Who knows? He might pop up a few weeks into the TV show, but for now he's remained tight-lipped about it.