Spain holiday warning as temperatures set to reach 40C

3 August 2022, 11:19

There is a heatwave heading for Spain
There is a heatwave heading for Spain. Picture: Alamy/Getty Images

Families are being warned of another heatwave in Spain as forecasters predict temperatures will hit 40C.

Anyone jetting off to Spain this August is being warned that a heatwave is sweeping the country.

In fact, some holiday hotspots could see temperatures of a whopping 40C, with experts issuing a third heatwave warning.

There is an orange warning in place for Cáceres and Badajoz, while Gran Canaria is expected to hit 37C and other areas in the south could reach over 40C.

The temperature is set to heat up in Spain
The temperature is set to heat up in Spain. Picture: Alamy

A yellow warning is in place for Andalusia, Madrid, the Basque Country, Aragon, Catilla y Leon, Catalonia, Navarre and La Rioja.

A spokesperson for Spain’s answer to the Met Office, Rubén del Campo, confirmed the hot spell will last until Thursday,.

They added: "It is possible that the thresholds of intensity, persistence and extension could mean we can officially classify this as another heatwave."

This comes after last month saw temperatures hit 45.6C, with the UK government updating travel advice to holidaymakers.

The advice states: "There is currently a heightened risk of forest fires due to exceptionally high temperatures in Spain.

"Take care when visiting or driving through woodland areas. Access to some areas such as natural parks and nature reserves may be limited or closed as a result."

This comes after tourists have been warned about new air conditioning rules in Spain.

A new law has been passed which means Spanish shops, offices and hospitality venues will no longer be able to set their cooling systems below 27C in the summer.

Holidaymakers are being warned about the Spanish weather
Holidaymakers are being warned about the Spanish weather. Picture: Alamy

This is part of energy saving measures which also bans people from raising their heating to above 19C in the winter.

The measures were published in Tuesday’s edition of the official state gazette and will remain in force until November 2023.

“[This] lays out a series of measures to save energy and use it more efficiently, which are urgent and necessary when it comes to reducing energy consumption in general, and reducing our dependence on energy outside the Spanish economy,” the decree said.