Britain to be 'hotter than the Algarve' this week in 25C scorcher

13 September 2021, 12:01 | Updated: 13 September 2021, 12:18

Don't put those sunglasses away just yet...
Don't put those sunglasses away just yet... Picture: Alamy

UK weather: Britain could be set for another autumn heatwave with Hurricane Larry bringing highs of 25C.

After last week's sweltering heatwave, many of us said goodbye to the hot weather, put our sunglasses in the cupboard, and started browsing for our new winter coat.

But it looks like we might have been too soon to embrace autumn, as it's been reported that there's another heatwave on the way.

Forecasters have predicted that Britain could be hotter than the Algarve this week, with Hurricane Larry bringing a 600-mile wide 25C 'subtropical sizzle' to our shores.

Monday will start of cooler than the rest of the week, with temperatures of 16-18C in the west of England and 18-20C in the east and parts of Scotland, according to Netweather TV.

There could be another autumn heatwave this week
There could be another autumn heatwave this week. Picture: Alamy

From Tuesday, though, temperatures look set to get warmer, with Met Office forecasting highs of 24C.

As reported by The Sun, Wednesday will see some showers - but with good sunny spells - and the mercury could then rise as high as 25C on Thursday, with 23C highs expected in parts of the north.

This would mean that Britain is hotter than the Algarve in Portugal, which will be 23C on that day.

The Met Office have forecast that Friday will see a spell of rain, but that the warm weather could continue into the weekend and next week.

This week's heat is arriving from the subtropics, which was sucked north by hurricane Larry, which is now close to Iceland.

Highs of 25C are expected this week
Highs of 25C are expected this week. Picture: Alamy

Ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of weathertrending said: "With Larry's bundle of energy near Iceland, winds from southern latitudes could send the mercury into the mid-20s - just like last week.

"Remarkable warmth was seen last week, and some may welcome another fine spell after a poor August."

And a Met Office forecaster added: "As ex-Hurricane Larry approaches Iceland, we drag in warmer weather from Tuesday.

"Monday and Tuesday has rain but also bright spells, with many regions dry on Wednesday and Thursday with sunny spells.

"Friday has a spell of rain for many areas – but through the weekend and beyond has a signal for mostly fine and dry weather in the South and East, with temperatures near to above-average."