Brits braced for 'thundersnow' as temperatures plummet this week

6 January 2022, 13:47 | Updated: 6 January 2022, 13:50

Snow has been falling in parts of the UK
Snow has been falling in parts of the UK. Picture: Alamy
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UK weather: parts of the country could see thundersnow this week following plummeting temperatures.

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Forecasters have warned that 'thundersnow' could be on the way in parts of Britain, as temperatures plummet across the country.

Many Brits woke up to frost this morning,with the mercury dropping to -5C in parts of southern England.

Snow is expected to fall in parts of the country including Scotland and northern England, and many places will see up to 15cm of it.

Forecasters have predicted "thundersnow" could be possible in parts of the country, which occurs when a cold front hits warm ground.

Forecasters have predicted that 'thundersnow' could be on the way
Forecasters have predicted that 'thundersnow' could be on the way. Picture: Alamy

The country saw unusually warm weather over New Year, which could have created the conditions for it to occur. Sleet, hail and snow showers are expected to pass through the country from today.

As reported by the Guardian, the Met Office has issued three yellow warnings for dangerous weather conditions, including lightning strikes from isolated thunderstorms, across Scotland, Wales and Northern England.

Met Office meteorologist Claire Nasir told The Sun on Wednesday: "As we head through this evening, with clearer skies and a lighter breeze, we will see temperatures fall very quickly so expect a widespread frost.

"Temperatures will be plummeting to around -4C in England and Wales and -10C on snowfields across Scotland.

"Eventually a ridge of high pressure will extend across so we’ll see a fairly hard frost into Thursday morning before milder air moves in from the Atlantic with a band of cloud and rain.

"As the rain encounters the colder air, it will turn to snow. Colder behind as well so snow showers are likely through Friday too."