UK weather: Thunderstorms and heavy rain to batter Britain in weekend washout

18 June 2021, 08:04

The weather is set to take a turn for the worse
The weather is set to take a turn for the worse. Picture: PA Images/Twitter

The Met Office is predicting heavy rain over the next few days.

We may have been enjoying the beautiful sunshine earlier on in the week, but all that is set to change.

Heavy rain will batter Britain today and over the weekend, sparking fears of power cuts and flooding.

The thunderstorms kicked off on Wednesday, with the Met Office predicting this heavy rain will continue throughout Friday until tomorrow morning.

Rain is set to batter Britain today
Rain is set to batter Britain today. Picture: PA Images

Clare Nasir at the Met Office said: "All eyes are on France. Another batch of thundery rain develops here and will push towards the southeast through [Friday].

"Another thunderstorm warning in force through Friday."

There is currently a yellow weather warning across the south east, with spells of heavy rain leading to travel disruption and flooding.

This will stay in place from 6am today until 6am on Saturday, covering London, Oxford, Portsmouth and Brighton.

Thunderstorms are headed for the UK
Thunderstorms are headed for the UK. Picture: PA Images

The Met Office added: "There is some uncertainty in storm coverage, particularly western extent, but where they do develop torrential rain, intense thunderstorms, hail and frequent lightning are all possible.

"Rainfall totals of 20-40 mm, perhaps 60 mm in a few areas, are possible in 12 hours. With the most intense storms, 30-40 mm could fall in an hour or two.

"The storms should clear into the North Sea during Saturday morning."

BBC forecaster Matt Taylor also predicts heavy rain will persist over the next few hours.

"In the south and the east, this is where we've got some heavy rain and some nasty thunderstorms later," he said.

"There could be some flooding going with that as well. Really through central and eastern area some of the heaviest rain, now pushing towards southernmost parts.

"Elsewhere, we've got a largely dry area there, some showers in Scotland but across of Scotland, much of Ireland, into the west of England and Wales it should stay dry with sunshine."

As for Saturday, Mr Taylor added there will be a few showers into Saturday night and through Sunday.