If you find sellotape over your keyhole it means your home is at risk

3 October 2018, 17:47

sellotape door lock
sellotape door lock. Picture: getty

It might seem harmless but sellotape over the keyhole to your front door is an indication of something much more sinister.

Homeowners have been warned to keep their eyes peeled for sellotape over the keyhole of their door as it's a new way for burglars to mark your home as vacant.

It's been reported that a number of homes in Dublin have been the latest targets of this chilling trick, with at least two properties in the same street being targeted using the method.

sellotape on the door lock
sellotape on the door lock. Picture: iPhone

According to one resident, who spoke to the Irish Independent: “It’s a tactic they use.

“They cover the keyhole with clear sellotape to establish if the house is being accessed.

“Two houses were found to have this tape on my street recently in North Strand. This is deeply concerning for residents.”

It's not only burglars who are using this trick, as squatters are reportedly taking on the method to locate empty houses to take over.

If residents see sellotape, they are advised to remove it immediately to avoid becoming a target.