Will England's lockdown rules get tougher?

13 January 2021, 12:05

The lockdown rules in England could be made stricter
The lockdown rules in England could be made stricter. Picture: PA Images

Will there be more lockdown restrictions in England? Here's what we know about the restrictions...

The whole of England is currently on lockdown, as coronavirus cases continue to rise across the country.

But with many hospitals now struggling to cope with the influx of Covid-19 patients, the government has said they will not rule out making rules stricter.

So, will England’s lockdown regulations get even stricter? And what will this mean?

Will England's lockdown rules get tougher?

There have been reports that the government is currently considering clamping down on the current restrictions in place.

Boris Johnson could increase covid restrictions
Boris Johnson could increase covid restrictions. Picture: PA Images

Health Secretary Matt Hancock would not rule out strengthening the restrictions, but did confirm that childcare and support bubbles would never be scrapped.

The vaccine roll-out minister, Nadhim Zahawi, also told Sky News the government did not want to go any tougher on the rules, but said existing measures will be tightly enforced.

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How could England's lockdown restrictions get tougher?


The Government is understood to be considering stopping the current rule which allows people to exercise outside with one other person.

You are currently allowed to meet one person who is not in your household or support bubble, but this should only be once a day and in your local area.

Mr Zahawi said he was concerned people were using this as an excuse to meet up with friends at parks and beaches.

Face masks

It has previously been reported that people could also be asked to wear face coverings in shop queues and crowded outdoor spaces.

They are not currently mandatory in offices, but this could change after Professor Chris Whitty insisted people wear face masks indoors.


While schools, colleges and universities have closed, nurseries are currently open during the third national lockdown.

Many experts have called for this to change, including Labour leader Keir Starmer.


France recently introduced 6pm curfews for some of its regions with the biggest infection rates.

The Prime Minister has not ruled out the possibility of the same rule being implemented in England.

Social distancing

According to the Daily Mail, scientists have advised that the Government should increase the social distancing gap to from ‘one metre plus’ to ‘two metres plus’.

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