Barrow man jailed for 6 months for spitting at PC's

15 June 2019, 09:19

A Barrow man who spat at three police officers, that had attempted to help him, has been jailed for six months.


Jack Daniel Frederick Beale, of Egerton Court, was sentenced today (June 14) at Furness Magistrates’ Court.


The 22-year-old was sentenced in relation to an incident May 16 2019. Police were called to assist colleagues from the North West Ambulance Service as they attempted to transport Beale to hospital from Oxford Street, Barrow. Beale spat at one officer at the location and then spat at a further two officers whilst being taken to Furness General Hospital.


Once in police custody Beale smeared excrement in a cell causing criminal damage.


Beale was sentenced to 27 weeks in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of an assault on an emergency worker and criminal damage.


Inspector Jim Bailey said:


“We are pleased that Jack Beale has been jailed for spitting at our officers.


“Spitting at someone is a disgusting act and one that should never be tolerated regardless of a victim’s occupation.


“Unfortunately we continue to see police officers and other emergency service workers attacked on a far too regular basis. Everytime we go to work, we do so with the core intention of helping people and keeping them safe. To be spat at or physically assaulted is certainly no way to act when interacting with emergency service workers.


“I hope that today’s sentencing can send out a clear message that anyone who spits at or assaults a member of the emergency services may end up spending time in prison.”