Dozens Arrested In Cumbria Police Op

19 March 2019, 09:59 | Updated: 19 March 2019, 10:00

Cumbria Police

Fifty five people were arrested during a 'week of action' by Cumbria Police against violent offenders.

Officers targeted people they thought had weapons - using stop and search powers.

Air rifles, knives, a taser, and a samurai sword were taken.

Superintendent Matt Pearman led the week of action. He said: “This week has seen a significant number of arrests made and a number of people now face prosecution, providing justice for the victims in each case.

“Cumbria is fortunate not to see the levels of serious violence reported elsewhere in the country, which has featured extensively in the media in recent weeks.

“But we know every case is important to the victims involved and we take violent crime extremely seriously.

“This has not just been about responding to incidents of violence but about actively targeting those in our communities who commit violent offences, carry weapons or who are perpetrators of domestic abuse.

“As we always do when out-and-about in the community, officers have been talking to the public, offering reassurance and keeping intelligence from the community flowing.

“The support of the public is critical in everything we do.£

Peter McCall Police and Crime Commissioner said: “I am delighted to see the excellent results of this week of action by Cumbria Police to tackle those who think they can carry out violent crimes in Cumbria - they ned to understand this very clear message that they will be pursued robustly by the police who will do everything they can to bring them to justice.

“I congratulate the police on over 55 arrests and the confiscation of several potentially lethal weapons, there is no excuse for anyone to carry weapons on our streets and those who do, will be dealt with using the full force of the law.

“Cumbria remains a safe place to live and the police will continue to do everything possible to keep it that way, and everyone of us can help by passing information of anyone you suspect or know to be carrying knives or indeed any other weapons to the police or anonymously to crime stoppers - together let’s keep thugs out of Cumbria and keep our county, one of the safest places to live in the country.”